6:37 pm
Mon December 2, 2013

Community Plan For New Atlanta Falcons Stadium Passes City Council

This afternoon, the Atlanta City Council unanimously approved a plan to invest $30 million in three West Atlanta communities where the Atlanta Falcons will build a new stadium.

The Georgia Dome.
Credit Charles Edwards / WABE News

Today’s vote comes after a city council committee last week approved the plan, which was hotly debated for months by a special committee of city officials and neighborhood groups.

Supporters say the plan and its process were heavily influenced by a similar effort when the Georgia Dome, the Falcons’ first and current home, was built. Supporters say the community benefits plan attached to the new Atlanta Falcons stadium is partly a product of learning from the mistakes made when the Georgia Dome was built. However, critics say the current plan is too vague and doesn’t give neighborhoods enough control.

Click to hear the 12/2/2013 report from WABE's Jonathan Shapiro from Atlanta City Hall.