DeKalb County
7:00 am
Thu May 8, 2014

DeKalb Board of Ethics To Hear Long List of Complaints

The agenda for Thursday night's DeKalb County Board of Ethics meeting included complaints against the county’s suspended CEO, the acting CEO and a county commissioner.

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A newly-reconstituted board will address those complaints and several others. This time last year, the DeKalb’s Ethics Board could barely meet, as it had only four of seven positions filled. But now there is a full complement, chaired by attorney John Ernst.

He says the board is fully aware of the spotlight focusing on its work right now, saying, “Obviously when you have the CEO indicted, that’s gonna bring a lot of attention to the whole county.”

DeKalb County Commissioner Elaine Boyer is just one elected official in the county currently facing an ethics complaint.

The board has the power to subpoena and to investigate charges. It does not have the power to look at criminal or civil legal issues but only at alleged violations against the County’s Code of Ethics, which, says Ernst, primarily addresses conflicts of interest.

Wednesday's meeting agenda includes 11 different complaints against county boards, departments, employees, and elected officials including suspended CEO Burrell Ellis, Interim CEO Lee May and County Commissioner Elaine Boyer.

“We’re pretty excited just to move the ball forward and begin to be an effective board and help solve this crisis of confidence in DeKalb County,” said Ernst.

If the board finds evidence of a violation of the Code of Ethics, it can reprimand, levy fines, suspend or even fire an employee or elected official.