5:04 pm
Mon December 24, 2012

Weather Could Turn Dangerous Christmas Night

We’re in for some rough weather starting Christmas day.

Expect heavy fog tomorrow morning and then rain throughout the day -- as much as two inches in some spots.

Potentially dangerous weather is coming in late Christmas night.

According to Steve Nelson of the National Weather Service, “The main storm system is going to pushing in around midnight.  Entering the west part of the state, you can see a line of thunderstorms, some of them with damaging winds, maybe some tornadoes. And that would move across the state, and kind of moving out, maybe as late as noontime on Wednesday.”

The real storms will start after most of us have gone to bed.

So if you have a weather radio, remember to check the batteries. If not, Nelson says there are now several weather alert applications you can download to your smartphone.