7:51 am
Wed September 2, 2015

Ga. Democrats Hoping For Rev. Warnock Campaign, Party Revival

The Rev. Raphael Warnock delivers a sermon during church service at Ebenezer Baptist Church where he serves as pastor.
Credit John Amis / AP Photo

“I believe, all the way in my gut, that if Rev. Raphael Warnock should decide to run he could bring the change we are looking for.” 

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Closer Look
5:40 pm
Tue September 1, 2015

Clark Atlanta On A Mission To Eradicate Prostate Cancer

A student works in the lab at Clark Atlanta University's Center for Cancer Research & Therapeutic Development. The center's director Dr. Shafiq Khan works along side her .
Credit Curtis McDowell / Courtesy of Clark Atlanta University

Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer among American men, after non-melanoma skin cancer. Almost 178,000 cases are diagnosed every year and more than 27,000 men die from the disease annually, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Clark Atlanta University Center for Cancer Research & Therapeutic Development is on a mission to eradicate the illness altogether.

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3:48 pm
Tue September 1, 2015

Hawks To Retire Dikembe Mutombo's No. 55 Next Season

The Atlanta Hawks will retire Dikembe Mutombo's No. 55 next season, about two months after he is enshrined into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

Mutombo, the shot-blocking, finger-wagging center, spent five seasons with the Hawks. Hawks CEO Steve Koonin says few players matched the impact Mutombo made "as a player, man and humanitarian."

Mutombo's number will be retired on Nov. 24, when the Hawks play the Boston Celtics. His hall of fame enshrinement is set for Sept. 11.

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City Lights
1:47 pm
Tue September 1, 2015

Natasha Trethewey To Debut Poem At Decatur Book Festival

The AJC Decatur Book Festival, which began in 2005, takes place Friday through Sunday in downtown Decatur.
Credit Courtesy of The Decatur Book Festival

The former poet laureate of the United States has been a keynote headliner at the AJC Decatur Book Festival.

On Friday, Natasha Trethewey will precede the keynote conversation between feminist writers Erica Jong and Roxane Gay with a new poem.

Trethewey, who teaches creative writing and English at Emory University, will read “Meditation at Decatur Square,” according to DBF founder and executive director Daren Wang.

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City Lights
1:06 pm
Tue September 1, 2015

Roads Like Powers Ferry Tell Of Atlanta's Link To Chattahoochee

Roads like Powers Ferry, Johnson Ferry and Jones Bridge all used to lead to Chattahoochee River crossings.
Credit Monika & Tim / flickr.com/tkennedy

Atlanta may not have the same connection to its nearby river, the Chattahoochee, as other urban areas with bodies of water passing through them.

But, according to Curbed Atlanta's Michael Kahn, the Chattahoochee River has been, as he puts it, “a major piece of the puzzle in shaping the Atlanta we know today.”

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12:27 pm
Tue September 1, 2015

Last Teacher In Atlanta Cheating Scandal Gets Year In Prison

Former APS Dunbar Elementary teacher Shani Robinson was sentenced Tuesday to a year in prison.
Credit Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Kent D. Johnson, Pool / Associated Press

The final teacher to face sentencing in the Atlanta schools test cheating case has been ordered to serve a year in prison and four months on probation.

Former elementary school teacher Shani Robinson was sentenced by a Fulton County Superior Court judge Tuesday. She was among 11 educators convicted in a conspiracy to inflate student scores on standardized tests in the Atlanta public school system.

Robinson's mother pleaded for leniency, noting Robinson has a 4-month-old son, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

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City Lights
12:05 pm
Tue September 1, 2015

Feminist Writer Roxane Gay Wrestles With Trappings Of Success

Roxane Gay is the author of the 2014 essay collection ''Bad Feminist'' and two books of fiction.
Credit Marla Aufmuth / TED


For nearly two decades, Roxane Gay labored as a fiction and nonfiction writer for multiple publications and with little fanfare.

Her rapid rise to fame in the last few years has been dizzying, even by her own estimation.

Last year, her lauded essay collection, “Bad Feminist,” earned Gay even more widespread acclaim and attention.

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City Lights
11:45 am
Tue September 1, 2015

Atlanta Contemporary Art Center Offering Free Admission

At Atlanta Contemporary’s Art Party, artist Nathan Sharratt opened up his studio for party-goers. He threatened to “execute” his art unless patrons paid for its survival. Social or monetary payment was accepted.
Gabbie Watts/WABE

Over the weekend, the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center opened three new exhibitions and a new chapter for the museum.

“On Tuesday, Sept. 1, we’re very excited to announce our free admission,” said Atlanta Contemporary Executive Director Veronica Kessenich. “Admission was $8, which is not cost prohibitive, but it is a barrier to entry, particularly for our neighborhood. We want more outreach to our neighborhood communities.”

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11:20 am
Tue September 1, 2015

GSU Archives Tales Of Literacy, One Story At A Time

Georgia State University is collecting more than 6,000 personal stories about reading and writing.
Credit Chuck Patch / Flickr.com/chuckp

A project at Georgia State University is seeking people’s personal stories about reading and writing. So far, it's collected more than 6,000 such stories, in partnership with Ohio State University, and stored them in an archive called the Digital Archives of Literacy Narratives.

WABE sat down with assistant professor of English Dr. Michael Harker, who co-directs the archives, to talk about what kind of stories they're seeking, exactly, as well as the story submitted by a famous Georgian from Plains. They also listened to a couple of stories people have already submitted.

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11:09 am
Tue September 1, 2015

Immigrants With Disputed Status Sue For Ga. Driver's Licenses

Immigrants with disputed residency status are suing Georgia's state government for driver's licenses.

The plaintiffs filed a federal lawsuit Monday against Georgia's Department of Driver Services, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The suit accuses the state agency of violating the constitutional rights of the immigrants by refusing to issue them licenses.

The lawsuit said the plaintiffs had been ordered deported, but they are seeking to have their removals suspended. The U.S. government has issued them work permits and Social Security numbers.

10:43 am
Tue September 1, 2015

DeKalb Police Officer Shot After Responding To Wrong Home

A police officer was shot and critically wounded Monday when he responded to a call of a suspicious person and showed up at the wrong house, authorities said.

The homeowner was also shot in the leg and his dog was killed in what DeKalb County police Chief Cedric Alexander is calling a complicated shooting. Officers fired their weapons, the chief said, but it's not clear if the homeowner had a gun.

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10:34 am
Tue September 1, 2015

More Mosquitoes Test Positive For West Nile Virus In DeKalb

The number of mosquito samples that tested positive as carriers nearly doubled from 37 to 70, according to a report.
Credit AFPMB / flickr.com/afpmb

DeKalb County officials are urging residents to take precautions as more mosquitoes test positive for West Nile virus.

An official with the county's environmental health division, Juanette Willis, said two human infections have been reported so far.

WSB-TV reports that in one week, the number of mosquito samples that tested positive as carriers nearly doubled from 37 to 70.

County workers found mosquitoes that tested positive at a park in Avondale Estates and 17 other locations across the metro Atlanta county.

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10:05 am
Tue September 1, 2015

GDOT To Pause Interstate Construction For Holiday Weekend

Construction crews are getting out of the way of drivers who are on the roads Labor Day weekend.
Credit Branden Camp / Associated Press

The Georgia Department of Transportation plans to get many of its construction crews out of the way of drivers hitting the road for Labor Day weekend.

GDOT said Monday it plans to suspend construction on Georgia interstates and other major highways starting at noon Friday. Work on paused road projects won't resume until the morning of Sept. 8.

Marc Mastronardi, the agency's state construction engineer, says Georgia transportation officials want to make road travel "easier and safer for all" during the holiday weekend.

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City Lights
10:00 am
Tue September 1, 2015

Filmmaker Examines Diversity In Atlanta’s Hip-Hop Scene

Atlanta rapper Alexander “Stanza” Wiggins, father of two, balances his time between parenting and the hip-hop scene. Filmmaker Will Feagins interviewed him for his documentary film “Divided Time.”
Credit Will Feagins

  When filmmaker William Feagins moved to Atlanta, he was skeptical of the city's hip-hop scene.

“I kind of had the perception that most people do that the music scene is going to be one-sided. It’s only going to sound like one artist,” said Feagins. "But as I go more involved in the scene, I found that there were a wide variety of artists here.” 

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7:44 am
Tue September 1, 2015

StoryCorps Atlanta: Amelia Boynton Robinson Recalls Bloody Sunday

Amelia Boynton Robinson spoke with Genise Kemp Brown at the StoryCorps Atlanta booth in 2010.
Credit StoryCorps Atlanta

Amelia Boynton Robinson has died. She was 104.

Robinson started her career in Civil Rights in the 1930s as a voting rights activist. On March 7, 1965, she tried to march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, along with hundreds of others protesting for equal rights for African-Americans.

In 2010, she sat down Genise Kemp Brown to tell her the story of the march – which started off at a church.

This story was recorded in partnership with the Atlanta History Center, which hosts Atlanta's StoryCorps Booth.  

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6:59 pm
Mon August 31, 2015

Transgender Inmate Ashley Diamond Released From Ga. Prison

Ashley Diamond was released from prison following a lawsuit.
Credit Courtesy of Southern Poverty Law Center

Ashley Diamond has been released to family members from Augusta State Medical Prison. 

As of Monday morning, she's under parole supervision, according to the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles. 

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A Closer Look
6:01 pm
Mon August 31, 2015

MARTA Offering Free Rides On Labor Day

MARTA is offering free rides on Labor Day on both its buses and trains.
Credit Tim Adams / flickr.com/36217981@N02

MARTA is offering free rides on its trains and buses on Labor Day. 

Traffic congestion is always a worry in Atlanta, where several downtown events happening at the same time can mean heavy traffic or, worse yet, gridlock.

MARTA assistant General Manager of External Affairs Ryland McClendon talked with Rose Scott and Jim Burress on “A Closer Look” about why the transit agency is offering free rides and other MARTA incentives.

CORRECTION: WABE originally reported that MARTA would be giving free rides over the weekend. We regret the error. 

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5:14 pm
Mon August 31, 2015

Ga. Superintendent Woods: Milestones Scores Could Disappoint

State Schools Superintendent Richard Woods says scores on the new Georgia Milestones test are likely to be lower than what parents expect.
Credit Jason Parker / WABE

Parents may want to brace themselves for lower test scores this year. State education officials say results of the new Georgia Milestones test may be lower than what they expect. State Schools Superintendent Richard Woods penned an op-ed recently to explain why.

Woods says the former state test, the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test or CRCT, was too easy. So, overall scores on the new test, Georgia Milestones, are bound to be lower.

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A Closer Look
5:08 pm
Mon August 31, 2015

Emory Expert Offers Analysis On Stock Market, China Slowdown

The Charging Bull, a symbol of Wall Street, and sometimes even referred to as the Wall Street Bull, is a landmark in Manhattan’s Financial District in Bowling Green Park.
Credit Sam valadi / flickr.com/132084522@N05

Financial markets took a roller coaster ride last week, nose-diving and rebounding, then nose-diving again before gaining back some losses, all amid worries over China’s worsening economy.

By week’s end, though, stocks recovered somewhat after investor reassurances that the U.S. economy is in good shape.

“Growth is slowing in China,” Clifton Green, an associate professor of finance at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, said during an interview on “A Closer Look.”

China’s exports were down by 8 percent year-over-year in July, he said.

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4:33 pm
Mon August 31, 2015

Ga. Rep. Allen Peake Says He Had Account On Ashley Madison

State Rep. Allen Peake admitted that he had an account on the cheating website Ashley Madison.
Credit David Goldman / Associated Press

A state lawmaker from Macon says he had an account on the cheating website Ashley Madison.

State Rep. Allen Peake told the Telegraph of Macon: "I was a complete idiot to go there in the first place."

The newspaper reported Monday that Peake said he has no plans to resign his House seat but would be deciding whether to seek re-election next year. The Republican lawmaker said he joined the website during a "dark period" in his marriage several years ago. He said he had told his wife and she forgave him.

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City Lights
4:19 pm
Mon August 31, 2015

Violist Returns To Hometown For Atlanta Youth Benefit Show

Jennifer Stumm is back home to lend a hand to the Atlanta Music Project.
Credit Angela Morris


As a former member of the Atlanta Youth Symphony Orchestra, Jennifer Stumm appreciates the need for an ambitious program for aspiring musicians.

The Atlanta-raised violist, who studied at the Juilliard School of Music and the Curtis Institute of Music, now lives in London as she continues a high-profile concert and recording career.

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A Closer Look
4:19 pm
Mon August 31, 2015

GSU Study Finds Shorter School Week May Help Students

Researchers at Georgia State University and Montana State concluded in a recent study that a four-day school week might be more beneficial for children.
Credit woodleywonderworks / flickr.com/wwworks

Shortening the five day school week down to four days just might be good for children.

At least that’s what researchers at Georgia State University and Montana State University have concluded. Among the findings supporting a four-day school week, scientists found a four-day week had a positive impact on academic performance in mathematics among elementary school students.

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Health & Science
3:35 pm
Mon August 31, 2015

Scientists Study How Rising Seas Will Reshape Georgia Coast

Studies show that rising seas are slowly flooding low-lying areas of dry land along the coast. As its waters creep inland, the Atlantic Ocean is pushing saltwater further upstream into river systems and making coastal marshes even wetter.
Credit K. Fabricius

Scientists are fine-tuning what they know about rivers and marshes flushed with saltwater by ocean tides so they can better predict how rising sea levels will reshape the Georgia coast over the next century.

Studies show that rising seas are slowly flooding low-lying areas of dry land along the coast. As its waters creep inland, the Atlantic Ocean is pushing saltwater further upstream into river systems and making coastal marshes even wetter.

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A Closer Look
2:58 pm
Mon August 31, 2015

Georgia’s Music Business Overshadowed By Movie, TV Boon

Atlanta is known for its thriving music and club scene, especially when it comes to rap and R&B music, but in recent years the film and television industry has stolen the spotlight.
Credit McBeth / flickr.com/mcbeth

Georgia's film and television industry is often in the headlines, from the huge economic boom the industry has generated in the state to the latest buzz on the filming of “The Walking Dead” and other popular movies and shows produced in Georgia.

Before there was film, though, there was and still is a thriving music and recording industry in the state. And the organization Georgia Music Partners, a spin-off of the Atlanta chapter of the Recording Academy, wants to grow and protect the state’s music business.  

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City Lights
2:43 pm
Mon August 31, 2015

Atlanta Composer From Syria Promotes ‘Pianos For Peace’

Atlanta-based pianist and composer Malek Jandali has been outspoken about using music to counter the violence in Syria, where he was raised.
Credit Courtesy of Malek Jandali / malekjandali.com/gallery


The year 2015 has been an eventful one for Malek Jandali.

The classical pianist and composer, who is an Atlanta resident, made his Carnegie Hall debut earlier this year and was named one of the Carnegie Foundation’s “Great Immigrants.”

But Jandali, who grew up in Syria and is now an American citizen, is most passionate about his work on behalf of children in the strife-torn nation.

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2:42 pm
Mon August 31, 2015

Locals Hope To 'Save The Bell' Building In Downtown Atlanta

The building at 25-27 Auburn Avenue was built as a telephone exchange by the Southern Bell company in 1907 and 1922.
Courtesy of savethebell.org

Nearly 2,000 people have signed an online petition to save the historic Bell Building in downtown Atlanta on Auburn Avenue.  

The former Southern Bell company's telephone exchange building dates back to 1907 and is owned by Georgia State University. According to savethebell.org

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2:28 pm
Mon August 31, 2015

Ga. Couple's Experiment: Starting Transit Service In Small Town

The Forsythia Transit bus started traveling through the streets of the small town of Forsyth a few months ago. Erin White and her husband, Jessee, are working to draw residents' interest in using the bus.
Credit Stephannie Stokes / WABE

What do you do when you want to start a public transit service? Well, how about buy a bus?

Erin White, owner of the new Forsythia Transit Co., says she purchased an old DeKalb County Head Start bus off Craigslist. She refurbished it with her one employee, Jessee, who also happens to be her husband.

The once-yellow bus is now white with the company’s name printed in curly letters on the side. It doesn’t look much like the public buses you would see in cities like Atlanta, but that’s not really what they’re going for.

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1:25 pm
Mon August 31, 2015

Budget On Georgia Nuclear Plant Level, Uncertainty Remains

An upward view inside the Vogtle Unit 3 cooling tower.
Credit ©2015 Georgia Power Company

Georgia Power reported Friday the cost to build a nuclear plant was holding steady, but there's significant uncertainty whether those numbers will stick.

The Southern Co. subsidiary owns a 46 percent stake in two new reactors under construction at Plant Vogtle, near Augusta. The utility now expects to spend roughly $7.5 billion to finish the project, or about 22 percent more than originally expected.

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1:15 pm
Mon August 31, 2015

EPA: Georgia Still Has To Follow Clean Water Rule

The Environmental Protection Agency says Georgia still has to comply with the new Clean Water Rule, despite an injunction in other states.
Credit Ken Lund / www.flickr.com/Ken Lund

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says Georgia still has to follow the new Clean Water Rule, despite a legal ruling that barred the policy from going into effect in 13 other states.  

The EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers say the Clean Water Rule, which went into effect Friday, clarifies which bodies of water are protected under the Clean Water Act. The rule has sparked multiple lawsuits from more than two dozen states, including Georgia, on the grounds that the federal government is trying to regulate water it has no legal control over.

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City Lights
11:49 am
Mon August 31, 2015

Erica Jong To Release New Book, Speak At Decatur Book Festival

Known for her 1973 novel ''Fear of Flying,'' author Erica Jong will be in conversation with author Roxane Gay for the Decatur Book Festival's keynote event.
Credit Christian Als

In 1973, Erica Jong wrote a revolutionary novel that shaped second-wave feminism. The book, “Fear of Flying,” pushed forward the controversial notion that women might enjoy their sexuality — just like men.

She even coined a term that is not appropriate for public media, but it begins with “zipless.”

She spoke with WABE’s Lois Reitzes in advance of her appearance at the Decatur Book Festival about her new novel “Fear of Dying,” which will be released Sept. 8.

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