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Host of All Things Considered and Marketplace

All Things Considered and Marketplace are locally hosted by broadcast veteran Denis O’Hayer. Prior to working at WABE, Denis covered local affairs, politics and government for 11 years as a political reporter for WXIA/11Alive. As ATC host, he brings with him the same keen eye for news and information. ATC offers listeners up-to-date traffic reports, weather updates, and provides three expanded Atlanta-based news reports each hour.

O’Hayer began his broadcast career in radio in Connecticut in 1976 at WGCH-AM followed by WELI-AM. In 1978, his career led him to Atlanta where he accepted a position with WGST-AM/FM. O’Hayer worked at the station for more than 19 years in a variety of roles. Through the years, O’Hayer has hosted several news and public affairs programs including Midday and Lifestyle, two magazine shows; Counterpoint with Tom Houck and Dick Williams; Cover Your Assets, a consumer-oriented show; Lawn & Garden; The Home Show; The Law Show; and Thirty ‘til Six, an afternoon drive news block with Bob Coxe. From 1991-1997, O’Hayer hosted Sixty at Six, a daily, one hour news and interview program. His broadcast career also includes on-air work with CNN’s Southeast Bureau and Georgia Public Broadcasting.


8:18 pm
Fri April 18, 2014

Messages for Georgia Republicans--and Democrats--in New Insider Advantage GOP Primary Poll

InsiderAdvantage CEO Matt Towery
Credit InsiderAdvantage

  With just over a month remaining before the May 20, 2014 Georgia primary elections, InsiderAdvantage released a poll on the Republican contests for Governor and U.S. Senate.  The numbers revealed some interesting trends, with implications not only for the Republican candidates, but for the Democrats the survivors will likely face in the November general elections.  InsiderAdvantage CEO Matt Towery spoke with WABE's Denis O'Hayer.

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7:57 pm
Thu April 17, 2014

The Wage Gap: Sorting Through Some Political Claims, with PolitiFact Georgia's Jim Tharpe

Jim Tharpe, editor of PolitiFact Georgia, which appears in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Credit Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The male-female wage gap has become the focus of heated political debate in Georgia and around the nation.  

Political leaders in both parties have made some emphatic claims about whether the wage gap exists--and, if it does, how bad it is.  

Jim Tharpe, editor of PolitiFact Georgia, looked at whether some of those claims are true, in a conversation with WABE's Denis O'Hayer.  

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This Day in History
9:00 pm
Tue April 15, 2014

Remembering Jackie Robinson's Breakthrough: A Talk with Baseball Historian James A. Riley

Jackie Robinson
Credit Library of Congress

  67 years ago, on April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson, who was born in Cairo, GA, broke the color line in major league baseball.  But as much as baseball officials celebrate the occasion, and as often as they re-tell the story, some parts of it remain little-known.  Meanwhile, Major League Baseball is struggling to attract African-Americans as spectators, players, and team officials.  WABE's Denis O'Hayer spoke with baseball historian James A. Riley, who has written 6 books on the Negro Leagues.

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7:56 pm
Mon April 14, 2014

Dr. Meria Carstarphen Confirmed as APS Superintendent: Hear Part of Her Speech

Dr. Meria Carstarphen speaks on April 14, 2014, after the announcement that the Atlanta Board of Education had unanimously selected her as the school system's next superintendent.
Credit Dan Raby / WABE News

  On Monday, April 14, 2014, the Atlanta Board of Education unanimously approved Dr. Meria Carstarphen as the next Atlanta School Superintendent.  Carstarphen comes from Austin, TX, where she headed the Austin Independent School District since 2009.  After the APS board vote was announced, Carstarphen gave a short acceptance speech. 

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8:08 pm
Thu April 10, 2014

Will Big-League Soccer Make It in Atlanta This Time?: A Talk with the Washington Post's Steve Goff

Washington Post sports writer Steven Goff, who covers the world of soccer in his "Soccer Insider" blog.
Credit Washington Post

  On or around April 16, 2014, Major League Soccer is expected to announce that Atlanta will be awarded an expansion franchise, to begin play in 2017 in the new Atlanta Falcons stadium.  Falcons owner Arthur Blank is the major force behind the courtship of MLS.  But Atlanta has had big-league soccer franchises before, including two bearing the name the Atlanta Chiefs, and two versions of the Atlanta Beat women's team.

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8:18 pm
Tue April 8, 2014

Georgia Ranks 32nd in Election Performance, According to New Pew Study

  On Tuesday, April 8, 2014, The Pew Charitable Trusts released its latest Election Performance Index, which looked at whether all 50 states improved their administration of elections between 2008 and 2012.  Georgia, which ranked 32nd, showed the biggest decline in the nation.  But state officials point to new initiatives, like the online voter registration program which was launched just days before the Pew report was released.

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The Race Card Project
7:41 pm
Mon April 7, 2014

A Talk with NPR's Michele Norris about Her Peabody Award-Winning "The Race Card Project"

NPR's Michele Norris, during her interview with WABE's Denis O'Hayer about "The Race Card Project." The conversation took place at Georgia State University on April 3, 2014.
Credit Dan Raby / WABE News

NPR's Michele Norris, former regular host of "All Things Considered," just won a Peabody Award from the University of Georgia for her self-funded work, "The Race Card Project."  It invites people to submit 6-word phrases or sentences, describing their experiences and impressions of race in America.  

In a conversation with WABE's Denis O'Hayer, Norris talked about how the project has grown, and about the effects it is having on people who take part in it.

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9:03 pm
Fri April 4, 2014

A Talk with Atlanta Catholic Archbishop Wilton Gregory, on the $2.2 Million Residence Controversy

The new Buckhead residence for Atlanta's Catholic Archbishop, which has caused a debate around the nation, and among Atlanta's Catholics.
Credit Denis O'Hayer / WABE News

Atlanta Catholic Archbishop Wilton Gregory recently apologized to the area's Catholics, for his decision to spend $2.2 million on a new archbishop's residence in a mansion in Buckhead

The Archbishop has indicated he may end up selling the home, after consulting with advisory groups composed of clergy and lay church members.  

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8:50 pm
Fri April 4, 2014

Personal Thoughts from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Friends and Daughter, 46 Years After His Death

Dr. Bernice King, CEO of the King Center and daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., makes a point to an audience of elementary and middle school students during a conversation at the King Center on April 4, 2014.
Credit Denis O'Hayer / WABE News

  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, TN on April 4, 1968.  On the same date 46 years later, King family members from several generations, including daughter Dr. Bernice King, joined civil rights movement veterans for a talk to an audience of elementary and middle school students.  WABE's Denis O'Hayer, who moderated the conversation, reported on some of the messages they sent to the next generation.

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4:48 pm
Wed April 2, 2014

Atlanta Archbishop Takes Responsibility for Controversial Buckhead Residence

Archbishop Gregory's new Buckhead residence, which is at the center of the controversy.
Credit Denis O'Hayer/WABE

Web Preview:

Atlanta Roman Catholic Archbishop Wilton Gregory today blamed what he termed his own failure to push advisors for perspective when he went ahead with a $2.2 million renovation on a new Archbishop’s residence in Buckhead.  In an interview with WABE, Gregory said when the project was first proposed more than a year ago, there were few objections.

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8:57 pm
Tue April 1, 2014

CIA Interrogations, ACA Signups, Savannah Harbor & More: A Talk with Sen. Saxby Chambliss

Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Georgia)
Credit U.S. Senate

WABE's Denis O'Hayer spoke with Republican Georgia U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss on March 31, 2014.  The conversation took place on a day when many Americans were rushing to sign up for health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act, which Chambliss has opposed.

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Atlanta Public Schools
7:42 pm
Fri March 28, 2014

Dr. Carstarphen's Austin Report Card: A Talk with KUT Education Reporter Kate McGee

Kate McGee, education reporter for KUT, the NPR station in Austin, Texas
Credit KUT News

On March 27, 2014, Dr. Meria Carstarphen was named the sole finalist for the job of Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent.  

For the past five years, Carstarphen has headed the Austin Independent School District in Texas.  To find out how she did there, WABE's Denis O'Hayer spoke with Kate McGee, an education reporter who covered Carstarphen for NPR station KUT in Austin.

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8:05 pm
Tue March 25, 2014

A Talk with Sponsor of Bill Requiring Drug Tests for Some Food Stamp Recipients

State Rep. Greg Morris (R-Vidalia)
Credit Ga. General Assembly

  On March 20, 2014, in the final hours of the legislative session, Georgia lawmakers passed HB 772, a bill which would require some food stamp recipients to submit to drug tests--if state officials have a reasonable suspicion that the recipients are using drugs.

The measure is a response to a recent Federal court ruling that threw out a Florida law requiring drug tests for welfare recipients.  Georgia had passed a similar bill in 2012, but had decided not to enforce it while the Florida challenge was pending.  The court's ruling means that the 2012 Georgia bill remains in limbo.

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8:12 pm
Fri March 21, 2014

Mercer Bears Bust Brackets with NCAA Tournament Upset of Duke: A Talk with Mercer's President

In this photo from Mercer's basketball website, point guard Langston Hall (a Chamblee High School graduate) celebrates during Mercer's 78-71 upset win over Duke in the 2014 NCAA men's basketball tournament.
Credit Mercer University

On Friday, March 21, 2014, the Mercer University men's basketball team shocked nearly everyone, when they upset perennial powerhouse Duke, 78-71, in the NCAA tournament.  

One person who insisted he was not at all surprised was Mercer's president, Bill Underwood.  

In a conversation with WABE's Denis O'Hayer shortly after the victory, Underwood said it demonstrated the school's commitment to blend high academic achievement with outstanding athletics.

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5:24 pm
Thu March 20, 2014

State House, Senate Near Agreement on Reform of Child Welfare System

In 2012, a report found that 152 children who had had some contact with the state Department of Children and Family Services died. These deaths are part of what has led to a search for alternatives to Georgia's current child welfare system.
Credit Georgia Department of Human Services

Georgia's child welfare system, which includes foster care, has been struggling for years.  This past year, after several deaths of children in the system--and amid a backlog of investigations of abuse--House and Senate lawmakers rolled out competing reform proposals.  Some called for an immediate privatization of much of the child welfare system; others advocated a slower approach, involving pilot privatization programs in parts of the state.

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The 5:44 with Denis O'Hayer
7:52 pm
Tue March 18, 2014

Public Transportation Trade Group Says Transit Use Hit Record Highs in 2013

  On Tuesday, March 18, 2014, the Georgia Senate was scheduled to debate two bills, HB 264 and HB 265, which would change the rules for MARTA's governing board, while also loosening the state restrictions on how MARTA spends its sales tax money.

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The 5:44 with Denis O'Hayer
8:03 pm
Mon March 17, 2014

New Director of State Child Welfare Oversight Office Promises "Systemic Change"

Ashley Willcott, the new Director of the Office of the Child Advocate
Credit Georgia Office of the Child Advocate


While the Georgia Legislature debates proposals to privatize the state's troubled child welfare system, the new director of the Office of the Child Advocate is getting used to the job.  

Ashley Willcott was appointed by Governor Nathan Deal in January, 2014; she took the office on February 1.  

The Office of the Child Advocate is the agency which acts as a kind of watchdog for the child welfare system.  

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The 5:44 with Denis O'Hayer
7:48 pm
Fri March 14, 2014

CIA-Senate Snooping Charges: A Talk with Prof. Peter Swire, Member of the NSA Data Collection Panel

Peter Swire, the Nancy J. & Lawrence P. Huang Professor in the Law and Ethics program at Georgia Tech's Scheller College of Business. In 2013, Prof. Swire was one of five members of the panel appointed by President Obama to recommend changes to the NSA's phone data collection practices.
Credit Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business

  This week, the Chair of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee made some serious charges against the CIA.  California Democrat Diane Feinstein said the CIA secretly searched a computer network which had been set up for the committee to investigate charges that the CIA used torture in tracking down terror suspects during the Bush administration. 

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The 5:44 with Denis O'Hayer
7:52 pm
Thu March 13, 2014

Georgia State University's Big Hoops Year: A Talk with Men's Basketball Coach Ron Hunter

Georgia State University men's basketball head coach Ron Hunter talks to his team after a practice at the GSU Sports Arena in downtown Atlanta on March 12, 2013. It was their final home practice before they left for the Sun Belt Conference tournament.
Credit Denis O'Hayer/WABE News

  The Georgia State University men's basketball team had an amazing season in 2013-2014.  The Panthers compiled an overall regular season record of 24 wins and 7 losses.  They won all but one of the 18 Sun Belt Conference games they played, taking the conference regular season title.  GSU is the top seed in the upcoming conference tournament in New Orleans; if they win it, they will earn a berth in the NCAA national championship tournament.

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The 5:44 with Denis O'Hayer
8:46 pm
Fri March 7, 2014

State Election Qualifying Ends: A Preview of the Race for Governor

State School Superintendent John Barge (left) with Gov. Nathan Deal at the State Capitol, March 3, 2014. On Deal's right is Arthur Levine, of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. University System Chancellor Hank Huckaby is on the right.
Denis O'Hayer WABE News

Friday, March 7, was the final day of qualifying for Democratic and Republican candidates who want to get on their parties' ballots for the May 20 primaries.  

WABE's Denis O'Hayer looked at the field in the race for Georgia governor.

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The 5:44 with Denis O'Hayer
7:24 pm
Thu March 6, 2014

The Deal-Reed Political Partnership and Others Like It: A Look at the Political Forces at Work

Governor Nathan Deal and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed at a press conference during the snow and ice storms in early 2014.
Credit Michell Eloy / WABE News

In early March, 2014, Georgia got word that President Obama's new budget proposal contained no construction funding for the deepening of the Savannah harbor, although there was some funding for further research and study.  It was just the latest test for the unusual political partnership between Republican Governor Nathan Deal and the Democratic Mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed.  They have collaborated often during the past 3 years, including their lobbying effort on behalf of the Savannah harbor project.

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7:39 pm
Wed March 5, 2014

Georgia's Water Wars Legal Team Steps Down

This August 12, 2007 photo of Lake Lanier was taken at the height of the legal war among Georgia, Florida, and Alabama over Georgia's use of the lake as a drinking water supply for metro Atlanta.
Credit Scott Miller via

After 15 years in the tri-state water wars, Georgia's legal team is leaving.  Todd Silliman, of McKenna Long & Aldridge, and Bruce Brown, who has his own firm, cited the heavy demands the fights with Florida and Alabama have placed on their practices.  They also said this is a good time for everyone to make a change, after several court decisions in Georgia's favor in the fight over the use of Lake Lanier as a drinking water source for metro Atlanta.

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The 5:44 with Denis O'Hayer
8:26 pm
Mon March 3, 2014

Russia, Ukraine, U.S. Defense Cuts & Banking Laws: A Talk with Georgia Congressman David Scott

Rep. David Scott (D-Georgia) looks over some forms as he prepares to pay his qualifying fee for the 2014 election. The qualifying took place at the Georgia State Capitol on March 3, 2014.
Credit Denis O'Hayer/WABE News

  While leaders on both sides of the aisle, and at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, have condemned Russia's move into the Crimea region of Ukraine, they have had a much tougher time coming up with suggestions for a response that will force Russian leader Vladimir Putin to retreat.  WABE's Denis O'Hayer spoke with Georgia Democratic Congressman David Scott, who questioned both the military budget cuts proposed by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, and calls from some quarters to loosen regulations on American financial institutions.

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The 5:44 with Denis O'Hayer
7:35 pm
Fri February 28, 2014

Legislature Races to Deadline: A Preview with WABE's Michelle Wirth & Jonathan Shapiro

Georgia's State Capitol

Monday, March 3, 2014 is a critical day for state lawmakers, and some very controversial bills.  It's "Crossover Day," the deadline for bills to pass at least one chamber of the Legislature.  

With major legislation pending on abortion and Medicaid (to name just two issues), Crossover Day is likely to feature some tense moments and fierce debate.

WABE's Michelle Wirth and Jonathan Shapiro have covered the 2014 session since it started.  They gave a Crossover Day scouting report, in a conversation with WABE's Denis O'Hayer.

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The 5:44 with Denis O'Hayer
7:43 pm
Thu February 27, 2014

Implications for Georgia from Gay Marriage Rulings in Texas & Virginia?

Hundreds lined the corners of the intersection of 10th and Piedmont in June, 2013, to celebrate the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that threw out key portions of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).
Credit Charles Edwards / WABE News

  In the last two weeks of February, 2014, Federal district judges threw out constitutional bans on gay marriage in two states:  Virginia and Texas.  

Georgia also has a gay marriage ban in its state constitution.  

To find out whether the rulings in Virginia and Texas have any implications for Georgia, WABE's Denis O'Hayer spoke with Robert Schapiro, Dean and Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Law at the Emory University Law School.  

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The 5:44 with Denis O'Hayer
8:03 pm
Tue February 25, 2014

Lessons for Reporters from a Radio Prank: A Talk with UGA Journalism Professor David Hazinski

David Hazinski, a former NBC correspondent who is now the Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor and the Kennedy Professor of New Media at the University of Georgia's Grady College of Journalism.
Credit University of Georgia

  In the last week of February, 2014, an Atlanta radio station staged a prank which fooled most of the city's newsrooms--and some international networks, too.  The ruse was built around a fictional Buckhead neighborhood group, which staged a protest of pop star Justin Bieber's possible purchase of a home in Buckhead.  For a look at how many news people could be fooled by a rock station's morning crew, WABE's Denis O'Hayer spoke with David Hazinski, a former NBC correspondent who is now a professor at the University of Georgia's Grady College of Journalism.

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A Report from WABE's Rose Scott
7:44 pm
Fri February 21, 2014

Former APS Principal Pleads Guilty, Apologizes in Cheating Case

Former Parks Middle School principal Christopher Waller reads his apology in Fulton County Superior Court on February 21, 2014.
Credit Rose Scott/WABE News

  Friday, February 21, 2014 was the deadline day for 15 remaining Atlanta educators indicted in the cheating scandal, to enter negotiated pleas.  But only two agreed to deals.  Both had worked at Parks Middle School.  Former principal Christopher Waller and former testing coordinator Sandra Ward are expected to testify for the prosecution.  Of the two, Waller faced more serious charges.  He followed his plea with an emotional apology in open court.  WABE's Rose Scott was there, and she talked about the day's events with WABE's Denis O'Hayer.

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The 5:44 with Denis O'Hayer
7:59 pm
Thu February 20, 2014

A Look at Pre-Trial Moves in the APS Cheating Case, with Former Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears

Former Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears, now a partner in the Atlanta office of Schiff Hardin
Credit Schiff Hardin

  Friday, February 21, 2014 is the deadline for defendants in the Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal case to decide whether they want to make plea deals with the prosecution, or go to trial.  Days before, prosecutors reached a deal with former human resources chief Millicent Few, one of the top-ranking officials under indictment.  Few is expected to testify that she witnessed criminal acts by then-superintendent Dr. Beverly Hall.  Hall's attorneys strongly deny she did anything wrong, and say she expects to clear her name at trial.

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The 5:44 with Denis O'Hayer
7:35 pm
Mon February 17, 2014

Recent Storms and Major Development Could Revive Discussion of State Money for MARTA, Other Transit

Rep. Mike Jacobs (R-Brookhaven), chair of the MARTA Oversight Committee
Credit Georgia General Assembly

  In the last couple of weeks, metro Atlanta has seen two snowstorms.  While traffic was gridlocked for more than a day in some places during the first storm, MARTA's trains ran relatively well.  MARTA did see a service suspension for hours during the second storm emergency.  But then came word of plans for a giant new mixed-use development in Dunwoody, with State Farm as the principal tenant.  A key element of the plan was its link to the Dunwoody MARTA station.  All of this raises the question of whether Georgia officials might take another look at state funding for MARTA, which gets no d

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The 5:44 with Denis O'Hayer
7:21 pm
Fri February 14, 2014

The Politics of Snow & Ice: A Talk with PeachPundit's Charlie Harper and the AJC's Jay Bookman

Jay Bookman, opinion columnist and blogger for the Atlanta Journal Constitution
Credit Atlanta Journal-Constitution


As Valentine's Day 2014 arrived, metro Atlanta emerged from three days of snow and ice while the Augusta area struggled with major damage and power failures.  

State and local leaders generally got better remarks for their response to this storm than they did for the work on the storm two weeks before.

For a look at how the storms will affect those leaders--and their future policies--WABE's Denis O'Hayer spoke with Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Jay Bookman, and Charlie Harper, editor-in chief of the political blog Peach Pundit.

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